Building and Maintaining Membership

In the past three years, I have worked hard for CCEA to ensure we have a strong membership. I made informational phone calls to retain members, and I was a part of new hire orientations. Each new hire who sat at my table joined our union. However, we cannot take our members for granted. We must listen to their concerns and serve our membership.

As a college student in California, I saw the value of the union in the student organization. I want to make a strong student organization here in Nevada. While we are building our student organizations, are we doing everything we can? Are we reaching out to all the colleges we have in Southern Nevada? Very often we think of the state universities, but we have more colleges and universities that are producing teachers. We need to bring these schools in as student locals.

I would also work with CCEA to see if we can get those student members to be part of our professional developments. Students members would see a value to membership and see everything that our organization provides.

If you elect me to NSEA Board Seat D, I will work hard to maintain our membership and bring new ideas to bring in new members!


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